Few easy design changes that will grow your audience over 400%

Design change number 1: According to Time magazine survey a stunning 55% visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds actively on a page. So, you have less than 15 seconds to get the attention of most of your users. Just ask yourself whether they are interested in knowing how great your business is or what value you can add to them? YES, BUSINESS IS ALL ABOUT CREATING SOMETHING VALUABLE FOR SOMEONE.

Design change number 2: As soon as someone lands on your website you need to create instant credibility more precisely within two seconds otherwise you have lost their business. ARE YOU CREATING THE FIRST IMPRESSION?

It only takes .05 seconds for a website to make a first impression. How you are different from the competition or is your web site is a mere carbon copy of a major competitor?

For example, if you don't use the right amount of white space on your website, then it loses credibility. There are numerous ways to create first impressions through typography, images, and design as quickly as possible when a visitor lands on your website. Evaluate how long it takes to make that impression, and whether or not that impression is communicating the right things about your business?

Design change number 3: Your Home page should clearly and specifically communicate your value proposition.

This is the most important part of your home page. Your value proposition is a concise chunk of text (headline, sub-headline and maybe a few bullets points) that should address these questions for your visitors:

  • What is this site about?
  • What can I do here?
  • How is it useful to me?
  • Why should I buy from you instead of the competition?

Does Your Value Proposition Effectively Communicate How you're Different?

Companies negotiate the web through a wide range of activities. The effective use of this new medium requires in-depth understanding of the interaction of, and interface between, system design and consumer behavior in the online environment.

"Usability rules the web. If the customer can't find a product, then he or she will not buy it. The web is ultimate customer empowering environment. He or she who clicks the mouse gets to decide everything. It is so easy to go elsewhere; all the competitors in the world are but a mouse click away."

- Jackob Nielson, Author of Designing Web Utility

All our projects are executed by PMI Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP). PMP is the most globally recognized credential for project managers. For more details please visit www.pmi.org
Just ask yourself whether you want a great looking website or you want a website that your customers find easy to use and love to visit again and again.


We are engineers not developers and we follow engineering approach vs code for functionality. We have in house Project Management Institute certified project management professional (PMP), which is the world's best credential for project management. Rest assured that you will have a committed and professional resource to see the project all the way through and get excellent results.


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About Us

At EZWEBGURU we start with the assumption that customer success is our success.

Mission Statement: To become a global leader in IT services.

Our Business Objectives: To provide knowledge service solutions to corporations, governments and civic agencies worldwide in a highly efficient, competitive and professional manner. We will seek new challenges in the knowledge economy and strive to excel in every sphere of our activities through ongoing training, education and industry association and thus achieve higher standards through constant upgradation of our knowledge.

At EZWEBGURU we start with the assumption that customer success is our success. We understand that software services can be expensive. Costs for equipments, servers, routers, bandwidth, and technical expertise can stifle growth and profit. EZWEBGURU is your technical partner. We provide you with the technical resources at an affordable cost, which allows you to focus on your business without the technical headaches and overhead. EZWEBGURU is committed to customer success.

We do not wish to be your another outsourced vendor (often called me-too company). We will work with you to build a creative partnership so that together we put collaborative efforts to effectively build and maintain systems that work to your advantage.

At our development center, all our Engineers are extremely dedicated and work almost 12 hours a day with one common goal and that is to develop innovative solutions and provide cost effective services to the enterprise computing marketplace.

We have all the expertise, well-defined project management methodology (conforms to SEI Level 4), excellent quality plan, strategically located in USA, good communication infrastructure with toll free customer support, and most importantly financially sound.

EZWEBGURU is a division of Japuram Inc.; a California C Corporation founded in 2002. We are also a member of Silicon Valley better business bureau. Our company's foundation is based on SERVICE, QUALITY, COMMITMENT AND MOST IMPORTANTLY TRUST.

Customer Testimonials

"Ezwebguru / Rorguru created a state-of-the-art SaaS application for my company that exceeded my expectations. Working together, we created a product that was an instant success resulting in 10 fortune 100 companies signing on in the first 6 months of the product's release. I am impressed by the skill-level and expertise of my team and find them very dedicated to providing top-level service."

Tim Bajraktari
Partner at Beekman Associates

"Amit and team did in 3 months what two other development teams could not in twice this time. The MVP was developed based on provided use cases and augmented with the development team during the course of the project. The quality of work was excellent, as was the team's responsiveness. Recommend Amit and his team highly."

Serge Milman
CEO / Founder at Optirate

"I have worked on my project for 4 years and have contracted 3 other companies that could not complete the work order and was billed for hours that I couldn't even be sure were correct. Amit at Ezwebguru not only gave me a price quote that fit in my budget, but his staff worked with me every step of the way and finished my project faster than I ever expected. I have learned a lot about finding the right programmers to get a job done right and only wish this service was available to me when I first started. After working with other programmers that promised me the world as I was paying them up front, I can only say that for any other project I may have that needs programming I would not even think to use any other company than Ezwebguru they are the real deal."

David Stanford
Stanford Marketing Group

“The Ezwebguru team has been very helpful in getting our product from concept to production. Their team was knowledgeable, available when needed and hard working. I plan to utilize them going forward and would recommend them.”

Dennis K
CEO at CashFlow Squared, Inc

"Our experience with Ezwebguru has been great. Very responsive and dependable."

Dr. Ravi Algappan
Bay Area Radiology

"Amit and his team did great work. They were very patient with understanding our goals and with making changes. They worked hard when deadlines came up. Overall, Amit and his team is very enjoyable to work with."

Ty Cobb
President at Crossfire Commandos

“Rorguru / Ezwebguru has a very talented team who was able to help us take our product from concept to completion in a reasonable time. The guys are always professional and respond promptly."

Doug Parent
Founder at RingRx

"Ezwebguru has been responsive and competent in meeting our web application development needs. Thank you!"

Amy Neuburger
Managing Director at PlaNET Internet Solutions

"I've enjoyed working with Amit and his Ezwebguru team."

Paul Myers
COO at Liquid Spins, Inc.

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